Adelaide Adelaide
6cm / 2.36in heel, square toe
Adelaide is a stylish, moderate heeled and finely detailed shoe with a classic square toe shape that contours around your foot allowing your toes full movement. Clever in its anatomical design and very contemporary in styling, the innovative Adelaide is made from the finest hand chosen leathers for maximum comfort.   6cm Heel Sky Soles offers a range of heel heights to cater for each individual preference of comfort and style. Vegan leather lining Sky Soles proudly offers a vegan friendly range of products featuring Italian Coronet vegan leathers. Oil & acid resistant Our rubber outsole is designed to repel and slow the accelerated wear caused by these corrosives like oils, fuels, and jet engine exhaust. Hardened toe Sky Soles use a thicker than normal, hardened plastic polymer toe puff, ensuring a greater degree in toe protection. Airport friendly Sky Soles uses a fibreglass insole and unique bonding structure to ensure all our shoes are security alarm friendly. Anti slip Acting like tread of a car tyre, Sky Soles cloud pattern grips on all surfaces and wears with you over time. Anti static Our ortholite foams safely discharge static build-up to the ground, protecting people against the accumulation of electrostatic charges. Breathable Sky Soles uses breathable poron foams combined with perforated footbeds to allow airflow in and around the foot.