Why don't you offer half sizes?

Sky Soles uses European lasting which means each size (change in length), has a 6.6mm increment. Conversely, AU/US lasting is based on 8mm increments. This means across the standard size "splay", we offer two more full sizes (7 vs 9) in the "run". Considering a half size is a 3.3mm change in length, we expect that as an all natural leather product our shoes will stretch up to half a size as they get to know you. In some selected styles we do offer half sizes, should you require further assistance please contact us via email at info@skysoles.ca


What width are your shoes?

All Sky Soles styles are graded to fit a majority of standard foot widths. We call this "common" grade and usually it covers 80-90% of the adult population. The width of the Australian foot is one of the more universal widths throughout the world. This differs to the more narrow French foot and the wider South Pacific foot tendencies. Should you have wider feet, we would recommend our square toe styles as they offer a greater volumetric capacity within the last.


I have two different sized pairs of Sky Soles that fit my perfectly, why is this?

In short, gravity. In the footwear game, size is measured by the change in length of the last (the foot model we make the shoe over). Generally as heel height increases your "perceived size" will increase. Effectively this means gravity takes hold and your foot slides forward and compresses making your foot behave smaller than it otherwise would when flat.


I have narrow feet, what do you recommend?

Narrow feet is certainly a rare trait within the Australian foot profile that our designs have been created from. Considering the size of our niche market; unfortunately at this point of time it's not economical to make a dedicated narrow width collection of shoes.


My Sky Soles feel tight, will they stretch?

As an all natural leather product, we do expect your Sky Soles to stretch up to half an EU size. This would be a 3.3mm change in length. The SOP Care guide included in the box contains some great information on the wearing in process. Should you still have trouble, please don't hesitate to contact us for some epic home remedies.